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Whisper your words and wishes on the wind and they shall take flight.

Whispers on the Wind


by Sylvia Pedley on 02/11/17

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Well this is my last blog for a few days, not sure how many but it won't be long.

So stay happy, stay strong and have peaceful dreams everyone.

clouds of Snow

by Sylvia Pedley on 02/10/17

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Todays drive to work was one of those that even if it is light out is rough. But of course my drive to work is in the dark.

We had just enough snow last night to give the highway a good covering. Now it is bad enough when oncoming vehicles pass you, especially if the wind is blowing the snow in your direction.

Now a semi......holy crap my pants, he was moving and I swear I was still in a cloud of snow minutes later. Okay it wasn't that long but when you can't see anything and I mean anything it seems like forever.

Nuff said except for the ones who must overtake you and swing back into your lane. Back off because once again blind.

Now that is more than I have blogged in days.

Peaceful dreams, all.


by Sylvia Pedley on 02/09/17

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Was looking through pictures for tonights short blog and I ran across these. I stopped and was taken on a wave of memories of that time.

I stared  at the pictures for awhile, then shut down the picture file, and decided to call it a night..

Peaceful dreams. 


by Sylvia Pedley on 02/08/17

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I am slowing down on the writing here and in a few days I will not be blogging for about a week.

No need to worry, things fine but I need a rest.

So goodnight and peaceful dreams.


by Sylvia Pedley on 02/07/17

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My mind is elsewhere and won't be back tonight. Thoughts will not form properly and I think I just need sleep.

So wishing you all peaceful dreams.

And stay warm.

In your travels as well as your words....follow your heart for it will not lead you astray.
Look for the beauty in everything.

Enjoy time spent with those near and dear to you and let them know you love them.