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by Sylvia Pedley on 10/28/17

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Have you ever walked by a mirror and as you passed you take a quick look and don’t recognize the image reflected to you? Oh, sure we have all heard the joke about looking in the mirror and seeing some old person looking back.

No what I mean is you see your reflection and yes, it is you but you don’t recognize the person looking back at you from in your eyes. Okay, I am not crazy and we all can say we are not the person we were a year ago.

Where did that person go? I look, and I don’t see a trace of the person I was a year ago. I look different, of course we all age and hairstyles change but this is something different.

I am not the same person. I don’t feel the same, I don’t think the same and I definitely don’t look the same. As a famous writer is known for saying it looks like she has been up the river and back a few times.

My thoughts are not the same, I no longer care about things I used to hold dear. My worries are in a different category than the worries of a year ago, and my goals…. I really can say I have no goals but to be happy and to remain as healthy as I can.

Things I wanted to do I no longer want, and I just go along daily without needing an end goal.

I only want to be healthy with my sweetie and my puppy …… and I want to ……

Well I really don’t know what I want…. a year ago, I could tell you…. now…….

Reflections…. I reflect a lot over the past year and it had really changed the person I was into who I am now, and they are two different people.

Is the person I am today better than I was a year ago…. I would like to think I am and that the past year has made me stronger because I will need the strength because I do believe a year from now I will again be a totally different person.

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1. Linda said on 10/29/17 - 07:41AM
Wow. Deeply reflective but so true for everyone if they only look into that mirror. For some, ignoring it is best; for others, acceptance moves us forward. What is still the same - is how much people love you. Nope. Wrong. We love you more, if that's possible.

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