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by Sylvia Pedley on 01/05/18

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Have you ever thought about all the things that are posted on social media and how they affect how we deal with life in general? Do they influence how we live our lives and how do we deal with them?

When we are no longer inspired by the fanciful rhetoric of the never-ending parade of beautiful pictures with their meaningful words, will we still be able to go on. Of course, we will because whether we have someone on social media flooding us with positive thoughts or not we are basically built with a survival instinct within us. We pick up after defeat and go on. We laugh off hurtful comments and go on. We instinctively survive. We have the will to go on, after every time we get knocked down we get back up. We as people are mostly strong and capable of shaking of the blues, words, sicknesses and worries.

Oh, there are some that are weak and can’t take the daily life and complain about just about everything (their prerogative of course) but generally as a people on whole we are strong, resilient and we go on. Many things happen in this world that are soul wrenching, heart breaking and game stopping. We cry, we rage and then we carry on.

I like to think that I can go on without the cutesy inspirational quotes, but I like to read and sometimes (okay lot of time) like to post. I also like to post sarcastic little ditties because in my opinion they do as much for our health and happiness as do the inspirational. Something that makes you laugh is good for your health. An occasional swear word, punctuates a feeling or meaning, and is nothing to get upset about.

Oh, and the food, those lovely, scrumptious images of meals not yet eaten, you just got to have pictures of the food.

So, have fun on social media. I do. Hmm, now what’s for supper tomorrow night and is it photogenic.?

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1. Linda said on 1/6/18 - 11:07AM
Love this post and how it relates to the universal aspect of today's social interactions. You are right in stating that we need to take each post for its surface message and do not take to heart anything offensive or negative. There are still those out there who find a need to post shit- we have the ability to just shovel it aside. And food? Well, how will we meal plan if we don't see these tempting ideas lol - keep on posting!

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