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One Step Forward

by Sylvia Pedley on 01/09/18

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We have all heard the expression one step forward, two steps back at least once in our lifetime.

Well, I know for a fact it is true. It seems sometimes that you are taking positive steps to achieving a goal and then of a sudden something happens to set you back physically, emotionally or materially,

Two of the above happened on the same day.

I have been making a bit of progress with scaling down the clutter in my office, so I can once again use it as a “useful” space. Clearing an area, the place began to look like room was opening up. This a long process because of health concerns I can only manage a little activity per day. But progress was beginning to show itself.

My health also I thought, was progressing, my legs starting to respond to exercise and my short walks to build back the muscle. Things were looking better.

Then Monday.

That fateful day of the week people dread because it ends the weekend, starts a new work week and all that but to me nowadays it is just another day. L

Till this Monday, yesterday,

My space cleared is once again filled up. I accepted new stuff into my space. Stuff love filled, chock full of memories and such So I really don’t mind but I now need to reclaim the space and find loving homes for the new items. Step Back.

My walking improving and starting to gain confidence in steps also took the two steps when out of the blue my knee gave way and trying to grab for purchase my arm wouldn’t cooperate and down I went. Hi floor. Good thing I had two angels to help me back to my feet (Thank you to them and I am fine) because I still am not strong enough (I know deep down) to achieve it myself.  Step back.

Now those steps caused a mental step back as now some of the gained confidence in my ability stumbled and back stepped.

Now I must start stepping forward once again and try to put the two steps behind me.

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1. Linda said on 1/10/18 - 09:46AM
Aw, my dear sis. The stuff in the space is not as much of a concern as the fall and the hit to the mental conditioning. You are doing amazing considering all you've gone through. Don't despair - you will get those steps going forward again. I hope you are not physically hurt by the fall. Love you.

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