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by Sylvia Pedley on 01/07/18

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It seems that we are forever making lists, my current recurring is grocery lists. I find myself rushing last minute to get the list completed and more often as not forgetting a few items I told myself to remember come list time.

Come list time. What I should be doing is walking around with pen and paper on hand so when I realize something is needed I can just write it down. Or maybe I should come into the now and here and carry my phone and activate the note feature, so I can write, or should I say type the item in the list as I think of it and then when the time comes to polish the list it will all be in front of me.

Thinking of lists there are quite a few lists I would love to have set up in my house if not for my reference but for cataloguing purposed for whatever reasons, so many times a movie or book has a appeared in twin status because I had no reference at my fingertips of which I could peruse. I could have these lists cross referenced and then downloaded onto my phone (new one has extra storage space) and then when someone says do you have…. I could say wait a sec while I query the fingertip database.

It could become an elaborate thing cross referenced by genre, author, actor and whether the book and movie are present and whether the book is made into a movie. I could also then review in my valued opinion whether I think the movie did justice to the book. That rarely if ever happens because the book allows your mind more leeway with its descriptions and is more apt to pull you into the story as you drift away into the pages of the book. I don’t think I have ever had a movie engross me like a book can.

Okay back to the topic at hand…. lists.

Now what should I make a list of first?

  • Movies

  • Books

  • Magazines

  • Movies/book combo

  • Etc. etc. etc.

Well have a good

  • Night

  • Day

  • Sleep


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1. Linda said on 1/10/18 - 09:49AM
-informative -entertaining -thought provoking -add to to-do-list :)

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