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by Sylvia Pedley on 01/03/18

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Take a deep breath and listen to the air,

do you hear what I do, listen, right there.

You say, you hear underfoot the crunch of brand new snow,

I say, no listen, shades of long ago,

You say, you hear a car in the distance

I say, be quiet, listen, I must be insistent.

I say, listen to the silence of the air and hear the sound

it is very plain I say, I hear it all around.

You cannot hear a thing, you say, that isn’t well explained.

Listen to the air, I say, the sound is well ingrained.

What is this sound, you ask, of which you speak,

I hear the birds, the crunch of snow and the babbling of the creek.

Do you not hear, I say, the conversations of old,

The memories shared around the fire as the stories are told.

I hear the past as well as now I try to make you see.

But you just shake your head and turn and walk away from me.



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1. Linda said on 1/3/18 - 09:23PM
Beautiful! What wonderfully cool crisp imagery. Love it.

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In your travels as well as your words....follow your heart for it will not lead you astray.
Look for the beauty in everything.

Enjoy time spent with those near and dear to you and let them know you love them.