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by Sylvia Pedley on 01/02/18

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A pretty girls name, a wishing of sorts for a certain outcome or a word that signifies along with a pink ribbon a positive outlook for a healthy future.

I in my early years bought pink ribbon jewelry and supported the cause it stood for. For me though when it happened to me I could not hide the symbols fast enough. I wanted nothing to remind me of what I had gone through, what I had to live with daily.

I didn’t want anything to do with the walks, runs or campaigns to find a “Cure”. Would they ever find a cure in my lifetime….so far not. Are the researchers seriously looking for a cure or are they as some naysayer’s report just looking for new drugs to make more money for the drug companies. Seriously if a cure was found they would all be out of a job and the drug companies would lose all the money they make now on the cocktails of drugs needed to manage the disease.

I shied away from wearing the pink shirts, the ribbons of hope and I let myself try and forget. But you can’t forget. Something always comes up to push it into your face again.

Today in the mail I got a jacket. It has the hope message on it. I will wear it because over the past year that was all I had to draw on was the Hope that things would be better.

I will hope this new year will be a better one because there are no guarantees and hope is all we really have.

So, I hope all of you achieve whatever it is you try to attain, and I hope you all find happiness amid all the disappointments.

I did.

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1. Linda said on 1/3/18 - 11:45AM
OMG what a beautiful, hopeful post! You are an inspiration - I know I've said this, but considering all you've gone through - it's true. You give me hope - hope that we can all pull through if we give our positive best. Doesn't always work, but so happy you are wearing that "hope" jacket. Love you <3

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