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Holding My Breath

by Sylvia Pedley on 10/27/17

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Today I held my breath and made a decision, one I have been pondering for days, wondering if the decision I made would be the right one. Would things be fine, could I forge ahead, or would this decision put me back precious steps.

Precious steps, that is what the decision involved. Should I take these steps. Was I ready to take these steps? Only time and determination would tell. I had the determination, I wanted to go ahead but could I do it? I admit I was scared.

Only one way to find out. Take a deep breath, hold it……decide.

The decision made I had to hold back fears; fears of failure. Fears of being unable to complete the task. Put on a calm exterior. Get ready. Take my position.

Open the door. Take that first step into the outside world…. alone, unaccompanied. Just me and my walker. We were going for a walk. Could I make it to my destination? Was it too far? Step off the front stoop, onto the sidewalk and I was away.

Look out world. Oh, slight misstep…. Am I being too adventurous I wonder? Should I have journeyed this far from home…….

The end of the block……...small pebbles become obstacles that could thwart my mission.

Second block reached……. the crisp air feels nice and rejuvenating. The sun warmed me. Nearer to my destination.

Finally, I reached the journeys end, picked up the mail and headed home.

I felt tired and accomplished all in the same wave of feelings. It was work, it was tiring, but I did it.

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1. Linda said on 10/27/17 - 10:21PM
Wow! Amazing accomplishment considering everything you've been through. I am proud of you and inspired. I knew you would do again whatever you put your mind and body to. Including blogging ?
2. Bryan said on 10/28/17 - 11:04AM
So very proud of you, Tony keeps me posted as to your progress. You have made an amazing recovery, thinking of you today!! Love and hugs.

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