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Did You Ever Just Wonder

by Sylvia Pedley on 10/31/17

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Did you ever wonder why when things seem to be going along fine all hell breaks loose?

 Did you ever have a night when thoughts raced through your head like a out of control freight train headed for derailment.

Did you ever just sit and stare then wonder where you were for the last 10 minutes. Hour?

Did you ever sit and watch traffic and wonder where each person was headed or why they were in such a rush?

Did you ever just wonder?

Did you wonder why you just sat and wondered.

Did you ever feel like you were wondering about all the wrong things?

Did you ever think that wondering got you nowhere and maybe sleep would be a good thing?

Goodnight moon.


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1. Linda said on 10/31/17 - 06:09AM
I was just wondering what we ever did to 2017 to have it so pissed at us...

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Look for the beauty in everything.

Enjoy time spent with those near and dear to you and let them know you love them.