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A New Year

by Sylvia Pedley on 01/01/18

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Last year on this very blog I wrote some sweet drivel about how I wanted the year to play out. I wanted time spent with my sweetie and although I did get some time it did not pan out to all that I wanted. I put forth the idea that although I could not control the weather and the world outside my door I could destine what would happen inside my doors.

Wham. Destiny let me know that I had no control and showed me the error of my thinking by sending me and my family for an amusement park rollercoaster of a year with cars flying every which way the wind would take them as they careened off the track.

Things blew apart early and over the course of the year I had to draw deep from within myself to reserves I never knew existed just to find reason or rhyme to the happenings around me. I changed so many ways of thinking and believing about people, ideas and things that my head did a possessed type of spinning as I tried to keep it securely attached.

Now I am not complaining or whining, I am just stating the facts. My life and the lives of those close to me took a header. I am sorry for what I put all my family through even though I know I didn’t purposely throw everyone into the rinse cycle.

To the point, the past year has taught me many valuable lessons, one being if I have something to say, say it and dam the consequences.

So, to all my family, friends and acquaintances have a great 2018, say a final 'fuck you' to 2017 and live for your happiness and do what you want to do.

Love to you all.

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1. Linda said on 1/1/18 - 09:08PM
I for one am so glad to see you back. You are an inspiration with how far you bounced back from the 2017 mega trampoline. You hung in there and did what you had to do. Yup. I agree, 2017 damn You! But here's to another year ahead and may it be blessed with health, Hope, and happiness for all. Live your life and do what you want... Thank you for writing honestly.

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