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Whispers on the Wind

One Step Forward

by Sylvia Pedley on 01/09/18

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We have all heard the expression one step forward, two steps back at least once in our lifetime.

Well, I know for a fact it is true. It seems sometimes that you are taking positive steps to achieving a goal and then of a sudden something happens to set you back physically, emotionally or materially,

Two of the above happened on the same day.

I have been making a bit of progress with scaling down the clutter in my office, so I can once again use it as a “useful” space. Clearing an area, the place began to look like room was opening up. This a long process because of health concerns I can only manage a little activity per day. But progress was beginning to show itself.

My health also I thought, was progressing, my legs starting to respond to exercise and my short walks to build back the muscle. Things were looking better.

Then Monday.

That fateful day of the week people dread because it ends the weekend, starts a new work week and all that but to me nowadays it is just another day. L

Till this Monday, yesterday,

My space cleared is once again filled up. I accepted new stuff into my space. Stuff love filled, chock full of memories and such So I really don’t mind but I now need to reclaim the space and find loving homes for the new items. Step Back.

My walking improving and starting to gain confidence in steps also took the two steps when out of the blue my knee gave way and trying to grab for purchase my arm wouldn’t cooperate and down I went. Hi floor. Good thing I had two angels to help me back to my feet (Thank you to them and I am fine) because I still am not strong enough (I know deep down) to achieve it myself.  Step back.

Now those steps caused a mental step back as now some of the gained confidence in my ability stumbled and back stepped.

Now I must start stepping forward once again and try to put the two steps behind me.


by Sylvia Pedley on 01/07/18

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It seems that we are forever making lists, my current recurring is grocery lists. I find myself rushing last minute to get the list completed and more often as not forgetting a few items I told myself to remember come list time.

Come list time. What I should be doing is walking around with pen and paper on hand so when I realize something is needed I can just write it down. Or maybe I should come into the now and here and carry my phone and activate the note feature, so I can write, or should I say type the item in the list as I think of it and then when the time comes to polish the list it will all be in front of me.

Thinking of lists there are quite a few lists I would love to have set up in my house if not for my reference but for cataloguing purposed for whatever reasons, so many times a movie or book has a appeared in twin status because I had no reference at my fingertips of which I could peruse. I could have these lists cross referenced and then downloaded onto my phone (new one has extra storage space) and then when someone says do you have…. I could say wait a sec while I query the fingertip database.

It could become an elaborate thing cross referenced by genre, author, actor and whether the book and movie are present and whether the book is made into a movie. I could also then review in my valued opinion whether I think the movie did justice to the book. That rarely if ever happens because the book allows your mind more leeway with its descriptions and is more apt to pull you into the story as you drift away into the pages of the book. I don’t think I have ever had a movie engross me like a book can.

Okay back to the topic at hand…. lists.

Now what should I make a list of first?

  • Movies

  • Books

  • Magazines

  • Movies/book combo

  • Etc. etc. etc.

Well have a good

  • Night

  • Day

  • Sleep



by Sylvia Pedley on 01/05/18

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Have you ever thought about all the things that are posted on social media and how they affect how we deal with life in general? Do they influence how we live our lives and how do we deal with them?

When we are no longer inspired by the fanciful rhetoric of the never-ending parade of beautiful pictures with their meaningful words, will we still be able to go on. Of course, we will because whether we have someone on social media flooding us with positive thoughts or not we are basically built with a survival instinct within us. We pick up after defeat and go on. We laugh off hurtful comments and go on. We instinctively survive. We have the will to go on, after every time we get knocked down we get back up. We as people are mostly strong and capable of shaking of the blues, words, sicknesses and worries.

Oh, there are some that are weak and can’t take the daily life and complain about just about everything (their prerogative of course) but generally as a people on whole we are strong, resilient and we go on. Many things happen in this world that are soul wrenching, heart breaking and game stopping. We cry, we rage and then we carry on.

I like to think that I can go on without the cutesy inspirational quotes, but I like to read and sometimes (okay lot of time) like to post. I also like to post sarcastic little ditties because in my opinion they do as much for our health and happiness as do the inspirational. Something that makes you laugh is good for your health. An occasional swear word, punctuates a feeling or meaning, and is nothing to get upset about.

Oh, and the food, those lovely, scrumptious images of meals not yet eaten, you just got to have pictures of the food.

So, have fun on social media. I do. Hmm, now what’s for supper tomorrow night and is it photogenic.?


by Sylvia Pedley on 01/03/18

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Take a deep breath and listen to the air,

do you hear what I do, listen, right there.

You say, you hear underfoot the crunch of brand new snow,

I say, no listen, shades of long ago,

You say, you hear a car in the distance

I say, be quiet, listen, I must be insistent.

I say, listen to the silence of the air and hear the sound

it is very plain I say, I hear it all around.

You cannot hear a thing, you say, that isn’t well explained.

Listen to the air, I say, the sound is well ingrained.

What is this sound, you ask, of which you speak,

I hear the birds, the crunch of snow and the babbling of the creek.

Do you not hear, I say, the conversations of old,

The memories shared around the fire as the stories are told.

I hear the past as well as now I try to make you see.

But you just shake your head and turn and walk away from me.




by Sylvia Pedley on 01/02/18

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A pretty girls name, a wishing of sorts for a certain outcome or a word that signifies along with a pink ribbon a positive outlook for a healthy future.

I in my early years bought pink ribbon jewelry and supported the cause it stood for. For me though when it happened to me I could not hide the symbols fast enough. I wanted nothing to remind me of what I had gone through, what I had to live with daily.

I didn’t want anything to do with the walks, runs or campaigns to find a “Cure”. Would they ever find a cure in my lifetime….so far not. Are the researchers seriously looking for a cure or are they as some naysayer’s report just looking for new drugs to make more money for the drug companies. Seriously if a cure was found they would all be out of a job and the drug companies would lose all the money they make now on the cocktails of drugs needed to manage the disease.

I shied away from wearing the pink shirts, the ribbons of hope and I let myself try and forget. But you can’t forget. Something always comes up to push it into your face again.

Today in the mail I got a jacket. It has the hope message on it. I will wear it because over the past year that was all I had to draw on was the Hope that things would be better.

I will hope this new year will be a better one because there are no guarantees and hope is all we really have.

So, I hope all of you achieve whatever it is you try to attain, and I hope you all find happiness amid all the disappointments.

I did.

In your travels as well as your words....follow your heart for it will not lead you astray.
Look for the beauty in everything.

Enjoy time spent with those near and dear to you and let them know you love them.