Whisper of Words
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Pick up a book, open and quickly fan the pages.......do you hear it.....that's the 'whisper of words'.
 The written word is becoming a lost art.....these days  people rarely write, or read a book....books don't freeze or crash and they will always be available whether there is power or not. This site is dedicated to the written word...namely books. The love of books. Discussion of books and the hope that the younger generation will learn to love and embrace them as I do.  Sure, I own a Kobo, and I love it. Never has anyone been able to travel with so many books in one small package. I love that I can carry with me so much knowledge and entertainment. That being said there is absolutely nothing that can compare to the feel of a book held in your hands. There is no smell quite so lovely than that of new, or old paper filled with so many words that are there to be conquered.

  Words have a magic, a mystique, a wonder about them. They can conjure up powerful images or bring a tear to the eye. Words can sweep you away to other worlds or let you know what is happening in your own. Words have worked their magic on many people,for many years, capturing them as tightly as the strongest restraints. Once caught it is virtually impossible to free yourself; if you really wish to be free. That is the wonder of words........
 I strongly believe that words carry on the wind, like a scent. Whispering words into the wind gives them life. They take flight. If you truely believe in the power of the wind, your words will find their destination and help your wishes, dreams and hopes become a reality. Whispering words into the wind is like therapy. It can help release feelings, charging the wind and nature to help you with your goals. So whisper your words and wishes into the wind and listen as they take flight. That is the power of words.......